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Board of Trustees

Although The Homestead School is a nearly 50-year-old educational institution, it recently became a not-for-profit organization, having obtained its 501(c)(3) status in June of 2021. As is the case at all non-profits and most independent schools, The Homestead School is governed by a Board of Directors. Homestead’s Board of Directors are fiduciaries of the organization and are tasked with supporting its mission and setting long-term strategic vision. The Board does not make decisions related to the day-to-day operations of the school. Those decisions are entrusted to the school's administration and teaching staff. For any questions about the board’s work, please contact .
Melissa Holden
Interim Board Chair

is CFO and co-owner of Global Natural Foods, a Sullivan County-based business that specializes in sourcing fruit and vegetable juices and concentrates for the global food and beverage market. Melissa also helped launch The Catskill Brewery in Livingston Manor, and is the mother of two Homestead alumni now in college, one of whom was part of the first class of Homestead Middle School students.

Jack Comstock
Board Member

is the Director of Homestead’s Secondary Program, the Collaborative College High School (CCHS), located at the Hurleyville campus. Jack has a MA with a focus Montessori Education, has been teaching at Homestead since 2001, and has been participating in Homestead Administration since 2005. See bio for more details.

Taylor Jaffe
Board Secretary

is the Environmental Justice Coordinator at Catskill Mountainkeeper, an organization that works to protect our region's forests and wild lands; safeguard air and water; nurture healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities; empower environmental justice communities; and accelerate the transition to a 100% clean and just energy future in New York State and beyond. Taylor is an alumna of The Homestead School. Prior to working for Mountainkeeper, Taylor graduated with a BA from Colgate University, with Honors in Political Science. In addition to environmental justice work, Taylor has a passion for sustainable agriculture and food systems, and enjoys writing and performing music.

Helena le Roux Ohm
Board Member

is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at The Center for Discovery in Sullivan County, NY, where she has worked for the past decade. Prior to The Center for Discovery, Helena (Linky) was an Associate Professor and the Director of Sustainability at SUNY Sullivan for several years. She has a Ph.D. in Sustainability Education.

David Byrnes
Board Member

is the Chief Marketing Officer of Asphalt Green, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making sports, fitness, and play accessible to all. David's professional experience extends across several non-profit organizations, including 15 years in New York City independent schools as an educator and senior administrator, with a focus on communications, fundraising, and DEI operations. David is also a current Homestead parent, with two children in the Early Childhood Program at the Glen Spey campus.

Nisha Gupta
Board Member

is the Director of Homestead’s Primary Program at the Glen Spey campus. Nisha has a MA with focus on Montessori Education, has been teaching at Homestead since 2001, and has been participating in Homestead Administration since 2005. See bio for more details.

Parizad Srivastava
Board Treasurer

Parizad joined Homestead first as the Business Manager, and then as Board Treasurer, with 20+ years of experience including School Administrator of an independent private school, Business Operations Manager for a global educational non-profit organization, and Business & Strategy Manager and Trainer for multiple nonprofits and small businesses. She was Vice President of the Board of YWCA of Princeton and Chair of their Development Committee. Pari has a Bachelor Degree in Accounting & Economics and a Masters in Business Management.  She is also a trained speaker, and author of two Abundance Mindset books. Pari is also a parent of a Homestead alumni who is now in college.