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Enrichment abounds at the Homestead. We believe in the development of the whole child and offer multiple opportunities for a student to develop and utilize their multiple intelligences. These courses provide new avenues for integration with the skills and concepts that are being learned through the classroom curriculum.

permaculture biodome on the Homestead School


We are excited to offer our older students the study of permaculture, to teach the next generation the importance of creating productive ecosystems that care for the Earth, its people, and the future.

Outdoor time at the Homestead School

Outdoor Education

We utilize our 85-acre campus, which has woods, fields, streams, ponds, and marshes to deepen the Montessori approach to hands on learning. Our students  grow strong in mind and body with abundant time in fresh air, sunshine, and nature.


Music Education

Since musical skills are formed early in life, we start our music program in Pre-K, and continue through middle school. From basic beats and rhythmic movements, to folk songs, improvisation, and more, we cover a wide array of musical concepts and instruments.

Art class at the Montessori school and permaculture farm, The Homestead School

Fine Arts & Fiber Arts

In a culture where we are passive consumers of other people’s creativity, Art classes allow students to unplug, tap into, and develop their own creativity. Here, children can imagine, learn to create, make mistakes, and bring their personality into their artwork.

Spanish masks dia de los meurtos

Foreign Language

A child is most able to acquire a new language before the age of six, therefore we begin foreign language study from the very start. Our Spanish program focuses on teaching vocabulary, proper pronunciation, and conversation while students delight in cultural songs, games, and stories.

After school offerings Kiran piano

After School Offerings

Homestead offers a variety of after school opportunities on campus, from Running Club in the Fall and Spring to individualized music instruction. Recently, we have begun offering weekly Spanish group classes in 8 week blocks year round.