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Fine Arts & Fiber Arts

Beginning in Kindergarten,  Homestead School students receive fine arts as well as fiber arts education each year.

Fine Arts

For the first half of the year, students will examine how different periods, from prehistoric to modern times, treated motifs of a different topic. Recently, it was reptiles, amphibians, and fish. We have also looked at insects, animals, birds, and humans-in-time through an artistic lens.

Each period will start with a short lesson in art history, followed by formal fine art instruction and a review of key art concepts and terms. One year, we began by studying the Anazasi Indians, and then traveled to Ancient Greece, China, and Japan. We ended that year by studying color theory.

“The first essential for the child’s development is concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely happy.”

— Maria Montessori

Fiber Arts

Starting in kindergarten, all Homestead students have the opportunity to participate in Fiber Arts. Students will learn how to wash, card, spin, dye, and weave wool shorn from our own resident sheep. Fiber Arts becomes their happy place where they are fully concentrating on creating something with their hands, yet fully at peace. In today’s fast-paced world full of electronics, being able to switch off and simply be is a precious, yet so necessary luxury.

The kids learn how to sew, felt, knit, and crochet — but maybe, more importantly, they feel so accomplished and proud of their beautiful creations. Recently, a mom told us:

“Paige had to put four things in a bag that represented herself. One of the items was an owl she made while at the Homestead. She said, ‘It will forever be a part of me, momma!’ We miss you, Homestead!”