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Collaborative Hub

In this state of the art facility, you will find students immersed in a discussion about the historical roots of patriarchy, prototyping a product they have digitally designed for their microbusiness project, reading aloud from Born a Crime in a college English class, or planning the next vegetable crop they will be growing to support hungry families in Sullivan County.

Project Space

Classrooms & Project Space

With spacious classrooms that support quiet study halls, seminar discussions, or that can be reconfigured for small collaborative projects, students can dive into their studies, inspire each other, or reach new levels of collaborative synergy. Each classroom is equipped with a projector for group instruction and student presentations. A large indoor space adjacent to the woodworking and pottery rooms allows students and staff the ability to create projects of any scale and also serves as a place for assemblies and indoor recreation.

Digital Lab

Digital Media Lab

When it comes to digital instruction, whether that be learning Fusion 360 for 3D prototyping, Adobe Illustrator for a laser cutting project, or InDesign for a publication layout, students are supported in having the best technology at their fingertips, in a classroom with 10 Mac Desktop computers and a projector for group instruction. Students have access to the full Adobe Suite as well as other professional level software. The digital work they create can quickly become a physical object with the use of the Hub’s 3D printers, laser cutter, CNC router, and large format printer.


Audio Visual Studio

The A/V studio at CCHS provides students the ability to record, process, and distribute audio and video projects at a professional level. Students refine their skills as audio technicians, photographers, and videographers as they explore the various mediums of audio and visual presentation. Each student is enabled to both utilize this technology to generate independent projects such as a podcast exploring advances in green technology and as presentation tools for other elements of their curriculum such as a video essay discussing a historical event as if reported at a modern news desk.


Pottery Studio

The Collaborative Hub has everything an aspiring ceramist might need to pursue their art. In the pottery studio you might find students who are receiving direct instruction from their art teacher as they explore pottery as an elective, a student who wanted to sculpt a figure for a class project, or a someone who has already to throw on a potter’s wheel in previous years who delights in the centering and tactile experience. The studio has three kilns of varying sizes, to allow a full range of projects to find completion more quickly.


Wood Working Shop

A spacious wood shop outfitted with the essential bench and hand tools needed for a wide range of projects is ready to support students as they learn the proper safety practices and hone their skills as woodworkers. Students will have the opportunity to learn the skills needed for basic home repairs and can go on to expand their skills with projects in areas such as sign making, furniture crafting, and framing. Students who are pursuing digital design or want to add a precision touch to a hand project have a CNC router and laser cutter at their disposal.

3D printer 1

3D Print Lab

Equipped with three large format, multi-material 3D printers and three medium format printers students can do anything from creating models for casting molds, designing original sculptures, or parts for a product, to printing a replica of an artifact or prototyping a design. The ability to work seamlessly from concept, to digital design, to printing a physical object is a skill that accelerates and refines the design process and gives students who might not feel confident in hand production an incredibly powerful and precise tool.


Greenhouse & Gardens

Although expansive gardens are available to CCHS students at both SUNY Sullivan and The Center For Discovery, the Collaborative Hub has its own large greenhouse that can be used for growing herbs or vegetables for student business projects, community meals, or charitable causes. Two outdoor garden plots round out the agriculture space available for immediate use to the students. Composting systems to handle all varieties of food waste at the Hub are setup and maintained by the students as a part of their permaculture studies.

CCHS Rail Trail

Recreational Space

The Collaborative Hub is positioned between two segments of the O&W Rail Trail separated by Main Street. Students who live along the rail trail have the pleasure of a beautiful bicycle ride to and from school with a bike shop for daytime storage and repairs. Adjacent to the outdoor gardens are two newly constructed basketball courts. A beautiful courtyard area provides a place for outdoor gatherings and fair weather lunches. Additional recreational facilities, such as gaga pits are in the planning stages for the 21-22 school year.