Online Learning through April 3rd. Now accepting applications for 2020-2021 for Pre-K through Grade 8.

Education for a culture of peace.
Teaching regeneration for a better future.
Modeling respect, kindness, and humility.

Learning through Service to Others

Whether it is through reading to kindergartners, creating artwork to save the rain forest, or helping our friends, every student experiences the inherent joy in giving.

Honoring the Path of Each Child

Every child learns differently. As a Montessori school, we create an optimal learning environment that respects each of our student's unique path and pace.

Nature-based Hands-on Learning

Children thrive when left to explore in nature. As part of our curriculum, we regularly explore the 85-acre campus, our 1,500 sq. ft. tropical biodome, and more.


The Homestead School recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. It was founded in 1978 by Marsha and Peter Comstock.


Our relatively small size fosters learning and community as students across the program levels interact with each other.


Our campus features organic gardens, sustainable architecture, and solar panels that generate a surplus of 2 megawatts annually.


Our school is located on an 85-acre homestead in the beautiful and pristine Upper Delaware River Valley of the Catskill Mountains.


Our lower than national average student-to-teacher ratio means more individual attention for our students.


Using an integrated approach to teaching, we offer fine arts, fiber arts, foreign language, music, and permaculture education in addition to the core Montessori curriculum.

  • Online Learning Begins Today!
Teachers, students and parents are excited about the start of our online learning program. All academic areas will be covered, even our Spanish, Music and Art classes.  Thanks to our tireless teachers who have been working nonstop to make this happen and to our parents for their guidance and support at home⭐️ #montessoriathome #online #familiarfaces #consistency #community #wecandothis #letsgetbusy
  • The students at The Homestead School enjoyed delicious ice cream, topped with Maple Syrup made right on the school campus!#maplesyrup #icecream #dessert#fun#montessori#upstateny#kids
  • Laughter and cheers rang through the classroom as the Pioneer Trivia Trophy was awarded to the winning team at the first ever Homestead Parents Trivia night.  Twenty parents of MS and Upper El students were brave enough to test their wits against the far ranging Upper Elementary and Middle School Curriculum.  Questions covered science, planes of develop in adolescence, and the history of the Homestead School.  Conversation flowed and everyone had a wonderful time sharing another side of the Homestead community.#parents #trivia #fun#education #science #learning #montrssori
  • The Upper Elementary students held a Read-A-Thon so that they could raise money to purchase books to donate to students and classes in need.  The children asked for donations for minutes read or a fixed amount, then they read as much as they could for 11 days.  So far they have raised $1,300.00! #reading #books #learning #education #donations #montessori
  • Mrs.Steakley’s class had a blast making dumplings in the kitchen with Chef Catie Schwalb!
  • The Upper Elementary students had amazing displays of models and artwork throughout their classroom, which highlighted their studies on Early Humans.  They also put on an assembly, The Stone Age! #upper elementary #early humans#fun#assembly #learning #montessori
  • Ms. Jen’s class wrapped up their study of the continent of Asia by celebrating Chinese New Year.  The children paraded through the Early Childhood classrooms.  They participated by holding a dragon made in class, waving streamers and by playing instruments!#chinesenewyear #asia #montessori#education #sullivan county#learning
  • The 2nd and 3rd grade children are beginning to weave landscape tapestries on wooden looms made at the Homestead School!  This is the start to their Fiber Arts portion of their Fine Arts course with Art teacher, Linda Coss. #weaving#looms#fineart#fiberart #landscape #montessori