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At the Homestead School, it is our goal to make outstanding education accessible to everyone. Therefore, we have implemented a tiered tuition system. This tiered tuition model is Homestead’s initiative to support the emergence of a new economy rooted in care, equality, and the celebration of diversity.  It allows Homestead to align teacher compensation with the value of what our educators offer. This structure also addresses the systemic economic inequality that is at the root of our societal deterioration and fragmentation, allowing people of all socioeconomic backgrounds to have access to the high quality education that Homestead offers.

Tier 1: Up to a 20% discount in tuition from Tier 3.

Tier 2: Up to a 13% discount in tuition from Tier 3.

Tier 3: Tuition to cover the cost of running the school, assuming full enrollment, no major unexpected expenditures, and minimal tuition assistance.

Tier 4: Adjusted 13% for family means to support the mission and vision of the school*

Tier 5: Adjusted 20% for family means to support the mission and vision of the school*

* When families choose a Tier 4 or Tier 5 tuition because they have the means and recognize the value of a Homestead education, they support the continued growth of the Homestead mission; they allow for improvements of the campus and classrooms, further enrichment opportunities, better compensation for teachers, and a more diverse community. The additional monies beyond Tier 3 will be considered a contribution to the school, and we are recognized as a 501(c)(3).

I found the tiered tuition approach both creative and an opportunity to show our gratitude.  Coming from Brooklyn, where elementary private school tuition costs more than college, I was stunned by the value proposition Homestead offered.  We were so fortunate to be a part of Homestead during the pandemic. Our kids had an incredible school experience in comparison to so many struggling in the city.  It was an easy decision to contribute just a bit more to help the school with their growth goals. Homestead is a unique experience for our kiddos and we are happy to do what we can in our second year as well.”


When we first visited Homestead early in the Covid crisis, we loved the campus and the tour and made the decision to enroll.  Our initial choice of Tier 4 was candidly aspirational, hoping it was worth it. We decided on Tier 5 for this next year, not because we are hoping it is worth it, but because it is and we want to be part of the ongoing efforts to make the school better.  A school that is inclusive, a great place to work and an even better place to be a student.”


How does it work?

Apply for a Tuition Tier

Within the Homestead School Admissions Application, you will be asked to apply for a tuition tier. As you entrust the education of your most precious treasures to us, we entrust the financial health of the Homestead to you. Families may apply for any one of the tiers, with our hope that you have truly reflected on your means and on what you would like to inspire through your tuition payments. Applications to Tier 1 Scholarship or Tier 2 Discount will require the completion of our financial aid application through TADS. The Homestead will do its best to meet these requests by demonstrated need, while meeting the costs of running the school.


We offer sibling discounts (10% ) and alumni discounts (5%).

Financial Aid

Beyond this first level of aid structured into the tiered tuition system (Tier 1 and Tier 2) and potential discounts, as a 501c3 the Homestead will look to secure as many scholarship opportunities to assist families further and to be a part of the solution in addressing the continued systemic oppression, racism, and inequality in our nation. First round financial aid applications are due on February 1 and can be found at TADS (School Partner Code 200400). Please note: You will need to create a TADS account, separate from the school application account, for this purpose.


The Homestead School has a limited amount of scholarship funds to allocate each year. Please review the Scholarship page before applying for a Homestead School Scholarship, then complete the Homestead School Scholarship application. The Homestead Scholarship deadline is also February 1. 

Parents’ Financial Statement and Supporting Information

In order to create a foundation of understanding for dialogue with the school, families applying for either Tier 1 or Tier 2 tuition are required to submit salary and asset information,  including complete tax returns for the past year, via TADS. Families requesting Tier 3, 4,or 5 are not required to submit any financial information.

After reviewing the TADS Financial Aid applications, along with any personal information or special circumstances brought to their attention via the FA application, the school’s Tier Committee will make a determination as to each family’s awarded Tier level.

It is important to note that, of necessity, great weight is given to the school’s budget and the number and circumstances of all families requesting either Tier 1 or Tier 2 discount awards. The school is heavily reliant upon tuition fees to cover teacher and staff salaries and the costs and expenses to maintain our beautiful campuses. At the present time, the school has no endowment or other capital resources to supplement its budget.  Tier 1 and Tier 2 discount awards will be made to clearly deserving cases.

To request either a Tier 1 or Tier 2 discount award please use the following link to complete the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) through TADS (School Partner Code 200400). Please note: You will need to create a TADS account, separate from the school application account, for this purpose.

Notification of Tier Level

If space is available for your child to attend the Homestead, you will be notified of your Tier level determination along with an invitation to schedule a Registration Conference.

Acceptance and Reply

After Mid March, you will be notified of your child’s acceptance.  You will then be invited to complete the TADS enrollment module and lastly, to finalize your tuition agreement, where you will select your billing choices. Tuition can be paid in full or in monthly installments over 10 months or over 12 months beginning in July.

A $1,000 non-refundable tuition deposit will be required in order to hold your child’s spot for the coming year.  This payment will be applied to your tuition balance.


Please feel free to contact the school if you have questions regarding our tuition model, mission and/or application process. We look forward to assisting you and your family as you move through the application and enrollment process with us.