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Vision and Mission

Our mission is to nurture self-motivated students whose love of learning will carry through into a lifetime of responsible and constructive contributions to the well-being of their fellow humans and the Earth.

The Homestead School educates the body, mind, and spirit of children through experiential learning, while holding high standards in academics and character development. Homestead offers an engaging academic environment, grounded in the Montessori approach and the belief that all children have the innate desire and ability to learn. 

Learning Environment that Supports Each Child

Our students benefit from a personalized program, dedicated teachers, and a carefully-considered curriculum that nurtures creativity and fosters independent thinking. By working  through the sequenced curriculum at their own pace, students become independent and self-motived learners. Individual and group interests are followed by the teacher, and curriculum is delivered using a hands-on, experiential approach. As a result, students find connection, meaning, and joy in their learning. 

Homestead students are supported in pursuit of their interests by a deeply-rooted and diverse community of families and educators.

Lower Elementary Montessori work

Culture of Collaboration, Inclusiveness, and Respect

From their earliest years, Homestead students participate in creating and experiencing peace through quiet hikes in nature, song, and time spent with the school animals. They learn to build healthy, empathetic relationships and communicate effectively through the peace curriculum that is integral to the classroom culture. Just as the young elementary child learns about his or her place in the world, the older child learns one’s place in the concentric circles of community. Peace education becomes a process of inner development and outward service. Mixed-age classes in broad-aged school populations afford many opportunities for children to collaborate. Throughout their time at Homestead, students are introduced to, participate in, and lead initiatives that promote inclusion and respect. 

This approach enhances each student’s sense of belonging and facilitates optimal learning. 

Self-Development and Self-Esteem

Students at Homestead School have a strong understanding of who they are and believe in their ability to contribute to the world in positive ways. Our graduates see life as filled with possibility, and their grounded perspective leads them to find meaningful ways to learn, grow, and contribute throughout their lifetimes.

The Goal of Our Program

The goal of the Homestead School is to:

  • Create a safe, nurturing atmosphere that promotes self-respect, respect for others, and the valuing of differences.
  • Create a challenging academic program at all levels and competencies that encourages students to be intellectually curious, to explore their creativity, and to get involved in the larger community in order to fulfill their potential.
  • Inspire a love of learning.
  • Help students acquire the tools necessary to learn independently.
  • Instill in our students the belief that each and every one of them has something important to contribute to the world.