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Nisha Gupta

Nisha is the Director of the Primary Program, Head of Financial Affairs, Head of Curriculum, and a Middle School teacher. She holds a BA in Psychology, Minor in Neuroscience from Miami University of Ohio, a Masters Degree in Education with the focus on Montessori from Endicott College, and an AMS Certification as a Montessori Educator for Early Childhood and Upper Elementary. She has been at the Homestead for 19 years now.

Although she enjoys teaching kids of all ages, Nisha loves working with the eldest students in the school for many reasons. They are young adults and will soon be the adults whose decisions, actions, and choices impact the future. Listening to their insights, then and offering them validation for their thought process, teaching them to look from multiple perspectives, giving or guiding them to see paths, choices, or ideas they had not initially thought of feels like important work for a sustainable, compassionate future. Her greatest joy is to watch her students grow into kind, strong individuals who act from integrity who are able to effectively communicate and articulate his or her opinion or idea in a mature way.

“My goal as a teacher is to teach in a way that allows every child to leave Homestead confident enough to initiate conversations with their teachers, to speak up for themselves and their peers when needed, and to do it in a kind, compassionate, and respectful way, so they can be heard. I love hearing a young person make a kind or inclusive choice when they think nobody else is looking, watching their faces light up when they care for the animals, work with the younger students at the school, or calculate and realize how much money they earned for a cause of their choice. It feels so good to be able to give them multiple opportunities to make a difference in their world, allowing them to experience their own personal power/ability.”

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