Now accepting applications for the 2021-22 academic year. Serving grades pre-k through 9. Homestead is online through January 19.

By Dharma Villareal At the conclusion of each daily press conference the Governor reminds us that we are New York Tough; he always explains that being New York Tough also means being smart, disciplined, unified, and loving. From my point of view this has been 
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By Gabrielle Kahn “S—s-s-s-A-a-a-a-F-f-f-f-E-e-e-e-T-t-t-t-Y-y-y-y….Safety Dance!” sounds from the laptop in my office. Wait. I know that song. It was irresistibly catchy back in middle school. My radio alarm would blast it in the morning. We’d do a dancing line to it in the cafeteria, marching 
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