Now accepting applications for the 2021-22 academic year. Serving grades pre-k through 9. Homestead is online through January 19.

Ann Steimle

Ann is serving as Homestead School’s Director of Student Support Services and completed her Chairperson for Special Education training. She strongly believes a child’s early education experiences impact their future learning and success.

To inform, inspire, and ignite is Ann Steimle’s goal as she guides the children in their first school experiences. She has been a primary teacher at Homestead since 1989. She attended Montclair University and studied Geoscience, and then Empire State University, graduating with an Early Childhood Bachelor of Arts degree.

Ann shares her love for nature and compassion for all things living with her students. Her hobbies include rock collecting, kayaking, and camping. She is a skilled Emergency Medical Technician, EMS County Coordinator, and fire department officer. She has been involved with the local community for over 25 years.

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