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Let’s Heat Those Tipis Fund

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Dear Fellow Homestead Families!  

We are Moms to Lily (4th grade) and Sidney (Kindergarten) and feel incredibly lucky that our kids are able to learn in-person at our extraordinary school during these unprecedented times.  

As you may know, Homestead dug deep into their pockets to prepare the school to safely open. The tipis, perhaps their most significant investment, have proven to be an essential piece of the puzzle this year. They provide each cohort with the necessary extra space for our little ones to learn safely.

As we head into the winter months, we need to heat the tipis so that the teachers can continue to teach, and our little ones can continue to learn, safely and comfortably!

The administration has done extensive research and have come up with rocket stoves as the most efficient (and safe) way to provide heat for the tipis. The school needs 8 of them.  The total cost of the stoves will be $15,000.

The one pictured here was purchased by the Middle School class through their Climate Lab Grant and will be installed in the dome they have constructed. It was being tested out in a Tipi over the course of the last few weeks and has been performing well even on 25 degree mornings.

Note: The fire door remains closed during operation (no open flame or sparks) Photo by Randy Harris

We humbly ask for each school family to consider contributing $100. (If you choose to give more that’s not cool…..that’s hot! Mom jokes on fire!). We are hoping for all donations to be in by Monday, November 16th for our Let’s Heat Those Tipis Fund.  If we meet our goal by Thanksgiving, we can have the stoves installed well before Winter Break! How amazing would that be for these kids!?

Photo by Randy Harris

If you have any questions feel free to respond to this email.  And definitely share this letter with Grandma and Grandpa and other friends and family who may have an interest in keeping our kids warm this winter!  

How do I make my donation? 

1.) VENMO payment to fellow parent Jen Gebhardt:   @JenLGebhardt  (verification number 3648) in the payment notes please indicate “For Tipi Heat”

2.) Send in a check made out to Homestead School in your child’s communication folder, or in their lunch box.

Together we can keep this miraculous school year rolling safely and warmly!  

In good health,

Beth O’Neil and Vanessa Carlton 

Note: The smaller Tipi in the lower playground will not be outfitted with a rocket stove.  If your child is in Ms. Jennifer Moss or Ms. Stephanie Ewanciw’s class, your child will not benefit from the stoves now, but will in future years. 

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