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Karina W. King

Karina is the headteacher in our Early Childhood classroom. She interned at the Homestead while training in 2011 and have been here ever since. Karina holds an associate degree from the Academy of Business in Copenhagen, a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Dietetics from BYU, and her Montessori certification from CMTENY.

Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Karina always longed to see the world. She worked in Salzburg, Austria for six months and climbed the Dolomites in Italy. Proselyted as a young, enthusiastic, and at times, she went became a tad overbearing missionary for 18 months in East Germany right after the wall came down. Then, she came to the US on a student visa that was good for two semesters, and the rest is history.

In her free time, Karina loves to read, knit, run, cook, and travel. She adores her family, her kids at school, and dark chocolate!

“I’m curious and love the sharing and receiving of knowledge. I like forming connections to the topic at hand but even more so with the students. It’s so exciting to seem them grasp new concepts and grow in confidence and independence.”
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