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Elizabeth Whitehouse

Elizabeth, also known as Señora Casablanca, is the Homestead School’s Spanish teacher for all Homestead students, but she also taught in lower elementary and held administrative positions within her four years at the school.

Elizabeth’s career took several turns before becoming a Montessori teacher. First, she was an undergraduate (double major in history and Latin American Studies) at Brown — followed by a somewhat random career path throughout her twenties that brought her back to school for her MBA at Columbia.

While she has experience in banking and consulting, her real passion was ignited during her extensive travels around Latin America. This was capped off with a three-year stint living in Chile, working as a consultant to non-profit educational organizations. Elizabeth received her Montessori teaching certification for ages 6-12 and applied those learnings in her approach to Spanish instruction.

“I enjoy exposing the students to the language but also to relevant cultural, geographical, and historical exploration along the way. There is no greater joy than looking out at the students and seeing their eyes wide with wonder and curiosity.”

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