1/31: Both campuses open on time. Monticello, and Ellenville buses on a 2 hour delay. Use caution on roadways.

Cherish Galvin-Bliefernich

A native Minnesotan and a teacher since 2005, Cherish seeks ways to bring a smile to her students’ faces. She is driven by the firm belief that if there is a will, there is a way, and that children learn in several different modalities.

Cherish joined Homestead school in 2017 and has offered her gentleness and creativity to the Upper Elementary classrooms. Her lessons often provide a tactile, kinesthetic, and visual component in order to reach every style of learner. She believes that nurturing a child’s spirit, building their confidence, guiding their strengths, and allowing the children to grow in a community in which they have an investment, is second only to the joy of being a mother to her children, Aly and Jacob. Cherish is currently enrolled in a MACTE certified Montessori teacher training program for Upper Elementary, ages 9-12, and anticipates to have her AMS certification after her internship year in 2022.