Now accepting applications for the 2021-22 academic year. Serving grades pre-k through 9. Homestead is online through January 19.

Adrienne Von Bloch

Adrienne is new to the Homestead team this year and will be assisting as a teacher’s aid in the early childhood department.  She has her B.A. in Political Science from West Virginia State University. Adrienne loves reading, baking, hiking, playing volleyball, and having friends over for dinner. She is excited to join the team.
“Why did our family choose Homestead? Two words: Peace Curriculum.  They learn to build healthy, empathetic relationships and communicate effectively through the peace curriculum that is integral to the classroom culture. Just as the young elementary child learns about his or her place in the world, the older child learns one’s place in the concentric circles of community. Peace education becomes a process of inner development and outward service.  Homestead is truly a community in which everyone is asked to participate, everyone has something to offer, and everyone has a desire to look for ways to help those around them.   We want our children to be a part of something that is bigger than just marking items off a list of learning or completing tests for a grade.  We want them to know that the story they will be telling for generations is much bigger than a singular person. We want them to know that they have the ability to learn and explore things on their own, invite others into that, then use that knowledge and experience to help those around them.”
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