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Alex Broz

Alex Broz has spent 15 years in Bushwick, Brooklyn teaching primarily Earth Science, Global History and Literature classes.  He holds a B.A. in Sociology from Principia College and an MSeD in Secondary Education from Queens College. He has also studied comparative Religion in Vietnam, China and Tibet.

Alex has worked primarily with immigrant and first generation families in Brooklyn and led several college and career workshops for parents and students. He has also worked as a community organizer advocating with his students for improved parks, affordable housing and school improvements.

Alex helped create a “summer bridge” program for 8th graders transitioning to High School that includes academics, outdoor education, and team building. He also helped create new courses in Latinx and Caribbean literature and African American Literature. He is certified in Life Skills Crisis Intervention, a verbal strategy for young people that helps turn crisis situations into insight and growth.

Alex is a Nationally “D” licensed soccer coach. He has also coached High School Varsity baseball, tennis and volleyball.  He believes in building confidence and togetherness through athletics.

“I believe in hands-on, student-centered learning, driven by curiosity. It’s a great thrill to see students develop agency and take charge of their own education once they realize that they are a valued part of their community and world!”

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